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Artist Course Tutors

Our tutors are among some of the most internationally-respected figures in their fields.

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Hasim Akib
Colin Allbrook
Vic Bearcroft
David Bellamy
John Connolly
Joe Francis-Dowden
Charles Evans
Jeremy C. Ford
Soraya French
Hugo Grenville
Colin Halliday
Carol Hill
Richard Holland
Geoff Kersey
Hazel Lale
Roy Lang
Trevor Lingard
Tony Merrick
Lewis Noble
Michael Porter
Roger Reynolds
Tim Rose
Sue Sareen
Keiko Tanabe
Rob Wareing
Trevor Waugh
Peter Welton
Moira Arnold 2007-2009
Tony Beresford 2011
Ann Blockley 2011
Tom Coates 2012
Alvaro Castcagnet 2014
Roger Dellar 2012
Nikki Dennett 2011
Margaret Dickinson 2009
Margaret Evans 2009
Keith Fenwick 2007-2012
Tim Fisher 2009
Pete Gill 2010
Helen Hayman 2009
Carole Kirsopp 2007-2009
Jeremy Lennon 2007-2008
Paul Lewin 2010
Andrew Macara 2008-2011
Margaret Morgan 2009
Steve McLoughlin 2012
Hazel Soan 2010
Maggie Slingsby and Roz Beeson 2012
Emma S Tooth 2009-2012
John Wheeldon 2007-9
Peter Woolley 2010