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Hazel Lale

Hazel is an artist who is attracted to themes which allow her to break free of outline with energy and capture her imagination. It is not so much the subject, but the light falling on pattern, a gesture, a discordant colour and a memory which fits in with a fleeting image.

Figurative work, flowers, street scenes, animals birds which allows her to play with colour are all subjects she considers. The challenge of landscapes is also tackled. Recent travels to other counties have provided Hazel with an enormous amount of inspirational materials. Colour, buildings, watching people interacting with their environment are all wonderful sources of material for paintings.

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2013 Course Details

Painting Faces and Figures

1-3rd October 2013

£255 Day Attendance

Painting £510 Residential

Painting Faces and Figures in watercolour and mixed media, is a three-day course which acts as an introduction to the subject of the human form. Hazel will show students how to look and then construct a face, head and figure in line, paint and colour.


Flowers and Still Life

19-20th November 2013

£170 Day Attendance

Painting £340 Residential

Flowers and Still Life in watercolour and mixed media is a two-day course which focuses on colour and composition. Through a series of demonstration-led workshop sessions, students will be shown how Hazel creates dramatic and vibrant works of art.


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