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Soraya French

Soraya was born in Tehran and graduated with a diploma in Natural Science in 1975, and went on to study Agricultural Engineering at Tehran University. Due to political unrest in Iran she abandoned her course and decided to live in Rome for a year. In 1977 she came to England to study English in Cambridge and went on to do Business Studies at Constable College in Tunbridgewells.

A versatile artist, Soraya works in watercolours, oils, pastels, acrylics and mixed media in a variety of subject matters such as musicians, café scenes and african market scenes amongst others. Many of her subjects are travel based and people in everyday life situations feature a great deal in her work, light and colour are the two important elements in her paintings together with semi abstract passages and a sense of ambiguity where she allows the viewer to make up the story.

She is a regular contributor to The Artist Magazine. The success of her two art Books published by HarperCollins have brought her international recognition and following. She is a demonstrator for USA based art company GOLDEN and the Caran D’Ache of Switzerland.


2013 Courses Details

Flowers and Landscapes

17-19th September 2013

£315 Day Attendance

£570 Residential

Soraya French is an internationally recognised and gifted artist with an energetic, semi-abstract style. This three day course provides students with an introduction to new techniques, as Soraya explores the possibilities of combining inks, acrylics and pastels to produce striking finished paintings.

Arranged as a series of workshop demonstrations, studio-tips and practical sessions, students will focus on the introduction of vibrant colour to their work and using a bold, loose approach.Soraya is an encouraging and approachable tutor who teaches in an informal friendly atmosphere.

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